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You’ve made the first choice: to have an efficient energy solution based on renewables. But that’s the start. South West Solar can make the project happen, and offers a range of services to support your sustainable product choice. These services apply to domestic, commercial and public sector installations. These services can be carried out in the South West, but we have customers large and small across the UK. The commonality is peace of mind you get from an experienced and accredited company.


We can provide the technical, financial and feasibility reporting that you need for your site(s). This can include renewable energy audits, assessment of resources and technology advice. This type of support is provided to a range of people, from home and business owners, through to developers, architects, contractors, community groups, planners and local authorities.

Design and specification

The design stage of low carbon energy systems will help identify the range of technologies are suitable for use. It can account for your requirements in terms of heat, cooling and electricity consumption. Our overall objective is to meet your needs, both by designing a footprint for the project and recommending appropriate sustainable technologies.


We are not tied to any one specific technology or product. We’re independent and provide impartial, practical advice on the most suitable low and zero carbon and energy efficiency products for your installation. These products are high quality and highly efficient, and we have relationships with UK and European manufacturers, sourcing product from across the UK and direct from countries such as Germany and Slovenia. We have visited and audited the suppliers – and have the mileage to prove it!


We work closely with architects, contractors and builders to install the most cost effective solutions. You can see the range of systems that we understand on this website. Our knowledge will ensure we install in good time, without fuss and to a quality standard. We will also provide the service and support you need after the installation as appropriate.

We cannot gives details of every installation, service or product on this website. Contact us to discuss our services in more detail on +44 (0)1884 849110.

Solar PV

Find out how Solar PV can save you money and Discover the current state of the Government backed UK ‘Feed-In-Tarrif.


Solar Thermal

Our new product line is a perfect combination of state of the art engineering and captivating aesthetics.A new generation of solar thermal collectors in perfect harmony with optical elegance.


Solar Slate

South West Solar & Bartlett Electrical are approved installers of Solar Slate in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Torbay and Plymouth.


Quick quote

Use our quick quote calculator to find out how much it would cost you to heat your home.

Bartlett Electrical and Plumbing is our sister company who we work very closely with when the job at hand demands it. By tailoring our services with the help of Bartlett Electrical and plumbing, we are able to carry out the most efficient and skilled work with an outcome that exceeds our customer’s expectations every time. Bartlett electrical and Plumbing are registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting and all our work is certificated accordingly.


50Kw roof mounted system feeding directly into office environment to reduce mains electricity consumption. South Croyden, Surrey


50Kw Ground mounted System Willand Devon.


10Kw Roof mounted system Starbucks London Heathrow.


50Kw Roof Mounted System Bethnal Green, East London.